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Re: Cute PCL in KCl

  1. "make-keyword" in the turbo-closure patch had to be replaced with

*features* patch in kcl-mods.text is for IBCL.  The point is if you aren't
using xkcl and you would like to have the turbo-closure patch, you need to
add :TURBO-CLOSURE to the *feature* for KCL or IBCL.

  2. I take it this time 'IBCL does NOT have to be pushed onto *features*


  3. pkg.o didn't know about *exports* but did when I recompiled it
     (very mysterious)

This is the only problem we have.  You need to load "pkg.lisp" before
loading "pkg.o" in KCL/IBCL.

  4. KCl loads "init" on startup and so init.lsp had to be renamed

You don't need to change extensions from lisp to lsp.  You only need to put

(defvar *pathname-extensions* '("lisp" . "o"))

into your init.lsp file.

  5. my KCl failed on the type of #(2,1) in the test file (an old KCl bug
     which has, I think, been fixed?)

I think this is the bug in your KCL.  In IBCL(10/15/1987) we don't have any
fail in loading test.lisp.

Yasuhiko Kiuchi