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A few questions on PCL

I've got a few questions for the "community" relating to pcl:

1) Cache mechanism - although I haven't yet looked at this part of the
new version, I assume the new cache method ("mirror" lookup for 2nd
chance before slowing WAY down) is used.  How does this method differ (in
efficiency) from the fairly standard "try the next cache location"
algorithm in normal hash table theory? 

2) Defmethod currently returns the method object of the method it just
defined. Why doesn't it return the method's name (i.e. "(method foo (t))"
my reasoning is to be like defun).

3) In an optimal PCL debugging environment, how much of the internals of
pcl should be invisible to a baktrace?  Should call-next-method appear?
What about combined method objects or the generic function call itself?

	-mike thome (mthome@bbn.com)