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Re: new version of PCL (12/7/88)

Keywords: Context diffs, Non-technical

|  There is a new version of PCL on arisia.xerox.com.
|  The *pcl-system-date* for this version is 12/7/88.  

It's great to hear that the progress on pcl/CLOS continues!
Unfortunately, just before getting your message someone kindly sent me
the AAAI-88 beta release version. 

My first question: is this a major release like the 8/24/88 version?

If so, is it possible or worthwhile to make available context diffs (a
la Unix) so that we could upgrade to the new version?  I assume that
this solution would be attractive to all, even through FTP, who have
Unix machines.  Of course, the importance is what percent smaller a
context-diff would be compared to a full release!  As a starter, I
compared the St. Patricks and AAAI versions.  The compressed diffs
occupied 52% of the AAAI size (also compressed).

Excuse me for diverting attention from the more technical questions.

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