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  From: goldman@vaxa.isi.edu
  Subject: Compiler Warning from MAKE-PARAMETER-REFERENCES
  Date: Thu, 15 Dec 88 17:29:01 PST

  Can someone explain the following warning issued when I compile the
  DEFMETHOD form below?

  "Warning (not associated with any definition):
    In defmethod M23 (TEST23), there is a
    redundant ignore declaration for the parameter X."

  (defmethod m23 ((x test23)) (declare (ignore x)) 7)

The CLOS spec says: "The expansion of the DEFMETHOD macro 'refers to' each
specialized parameter."  (p 2-40)  Thus it's wrong to (declare (ignore
...)) any such parameter.

My guess is that in this case PCL implements your method body as a function
with one argument, X, declared to be ignored as method dispatch has already
happened by the time it is called, and your method body was noticed to not
reference X.  Your further declaration caused the compiler to complain of
redundant ignore declarations, as indeed there were two.