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real-add-method in KCL

I'm having some trouble in KCL:

"12/7/88   Can't think of a cute name PCL"

PCL>(defmethod foo :after (x) (print x))

Error: Can't hack qualifiers in early methods.
Error signalled by REAL-ADD-NAMED-METHOD.

Broken at ADD-METHOD.  Type :H for Help.

Backtrace:  > eval > progn > eval-when > progn > progn > progn
> load-defmethod > real-add-named-method > ADD-METHOD

This is very confusing.  It looks like early methods didn't get fixed
up right.  However, I'd expect this message from
early-add-named-method, not from inside add-method, and i'd expect the
generic function add-method to actually call real-add-method.

I have added the turbo-closure patch.  If i screwed up, could that
cause such problems?  What is a turbo-closure anyway?