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Re: Installing PCL, on Coral and Lucid

    Date: Wed, 21 Dec 88 21:00:42 PST
    From: rik%cs@ucsd.edu (Rik Belew)

    I'm hoping someone on this list can help me with a couple of
    stumbling blocks I've hit installing PCL, one on Coral's
    compiler and one on Lucid's Sun Common Lisp compiler.

    The Coral bug is:

    Welcome to Allegro CL Version 1.1!

You need to use a newer version of Coral Lisp.  We use 1.2 here and the
current version of PCL runs without problem in it.

    And on the Sun, with Lucid:

You don't say which version of Lucid, or which version of PCL you are
using, so it is hard for me to advise you.  The version of pcl is the
value of the variable *pcl-system-date*.  This variable is defined in
the defsys file.

I vaguely remember the bug you are experiencing, but I haven't seen it
in a long while.