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meta-object protocol

I would like to know where can I get a copy of the current draft of chapter 3
of the CLOS spec (the one on the meta-object protocol).  I am really having
problems trying to setup metalevel object base.

For example, I have defined "my-meta-class" as a subclass of "standard-class"
so that I can define additional slots and methods for "my-meta-class".  This
definition works fine, but when I try to define a class as an instance of
"my-meta-class" I get an error message from the method
"check-super-metaclass-compatibility" telling me that a class and it's super
have to be instances of the same class.  Does this mean that PCL only supports
a single metaclass and that ALL classes (including system classes have to be
instances of the same class)?

Thanks -- Jacky