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*make-instance vs. make-instance

I am running the AAAI 8/28/88 version of PCL on a Symbolics 7.2 and I am having
some problems with MAKE-INSTANCE.  If you define a class slot with both an
INITFORM value and DEFAULT-ARGS value and create an instance without supplying
a value for the slot, the INITFORM value is used (not the DEFAULT-ARGS value).
The reverse is true if you use *MAKE-INSTANCE.  I am also having problems using
the INITARG of a slot with MAKE-INSTANCE.  It appears to work only if the
INITARG is the slot name preceeded by a colon.  This is not the case with
*MAKE-INSTANCE of course because *MAKE-INSTANCE does not call
INITIALIZE-FROM-INIT-PLIST.  Can someone please give me a clue as to what is
going on between the method *MAKE-INSTANCE and the function MAKE-INSTANCE?

Thanks -- Jacky