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Initialization argument check bug will be fixed in the next release of PCL.
MAKE-INSTANCE and INITIALIZE-FROM-INIT-PLIST is the obsolete functions just
for backward compatibility of PCL.  Thanks.

Yasuhiko Kiuchi

These notes correspond to the "8/24/88 (beta) AAAI PCL" version of PCL.

Please read this entire document carefully.


- the initialization protocol specified in 88-002R is now almost
  completely implemented.  The only difference is that the current
  implementation does not currently check the validity of initargs.
  So, no errors are signalled in improper initargs are supplied.

  Because of name conflicts with the two other initialization protocols
  PCL currently supports, some of the specified initialization functions
  do not have their proper name.  The mapping between names in the
  specification and names in this version of PCL is as follows:

     SPECIFIED                                IN PCL

   make-instance                           *make-instance
   initialize-instance                     *initialize-instance
   reinitialize-instance                   <has proper name>
   update-instance-for-different-class     <has proper name>
   update-instance-for-redefined-class     <has proper name>
   shared-initialize                       <has proper name>

  In a future release of PCL, these functions will have their proper
  names, and all the old, obsolete initialization protocols will