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re: (export *exports* ...)

Just to confirm, I have also encountered the problem 
described below.

  Tony Maida
  Penn State, CS

	Date: Wed, 25 Jan 89 12:04:41 EST
	From: Diana Smetters <diana@cis.ohio-state.edu>
	Message-Id: <8901251704.AA06620@coracle.cis.ohio-state.edu>
	To: commonloops.pa@xerox.com
	Subject: bug in 12/7 pcl under ibcl and kcl
	Status: R

	In the 12/7 release of pcl I get the following bug under 
	kcl (June 3, 1987 version) and ibcl (release 01/01, on
	both sun 3's and sun 4's):

	If you load pcl as source, there are no problems. If you compile
	it, you get no errors in compiling pkg.lsp. However, if you load
	the compiled pcl, it breaks while loading pkg.o when trying to
	evaluate the form

	(export *exports* *the-pcl-package*)

	saying that *exports* is unbound. *Exports* is defvar'ed immediately
	previous to this form, and the defvar is wrapped inside an
	(eval-when (compile load eval)...). If you load the source of
	pkg form inside the break, then continue retrying the access of
	the value of *exports*, everything is fine.

	>From what I can see with the tests I've tried, kcl and ibcl seem to
	try to set up the export before eval'ing anything else in the file,
	and the value of the kcl/ibcl variable *eval-when-compile* seems
	to make no difference.

	Have I just missed something obvious?

	--Diana Smetters