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PCL under Lucid

re:  It's Lucid's 1.01 for the RT, which I think is roughly equivalent to 
     the 2.1 Sun version.

I've be very surprised if the Lucid 1.01 release on the RT is really
enough like the Sun3/2.1 release so that no further conditionalizations
are required.  I notice that the current PCL release seems to be
trying to compensate for something by "snooping" at the results of
(machine-type), and creating a :IBM-RT-PC feature under certain

re: Anyhow, I also get the error Richard has reported (his message of 12/21)

I don't seem to have that report handy -- could you be more specific? 
If it's about the early compiler bug that shows up while compiling 
'describe-instance', then I have a simple soluton for that.

-- JonL --