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"advise" in 12/7 3600-low.lisp

On a Symbolics 3600, running Genera 7.2, the following advice
(from file 3600-low) seems to be the cause of trouble in the 
scheduler.  (Immediate symptom:  attempt to apply RPLACD to 2 
causes the scheduler to drop into the cold load stream; the 
RPLACD is  buried in the advice.)  If any other sites have
reported this problem, we would like to know that we are not 
alone; if it has not appeared anywhere else, we may begin
to suspect an arcane hardware defect.  It seems only to
affect one 3600--a file server--here.

(defun pcl-function-name-advice-1 (arglist values &aux temp)
  (if (and (fboundp 'funcallable-instance-p)
	   (funcallable-instance-p (car arglist))
	   (fboundp 'generic-function-p)
	   (generic-function-p (car arglist))
	   (fboundp 'generic-function-name)
	   (setq temp (generic-function-name (car arglist))))
      (list temp)

(zl:advise si:function-name :after pcl-function-name-advice ()
  (setq values (pcl-function-name-advice-1 zl:arglist values)))

If no one can suggest a patch, can anyone tell us what might
happen if we just deleted the "advise" call?