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Re: patch to 12/7/88

I have considered a patch directory for patches.  In the past when
people have asked for this, they have wanted to have some automatic
facility that would load those patches.  Problems associated with this
automatic facility are what have kept me from doing it.

Because of the nature of the PCL system, different patches have to be
installed in different ways.  Some can simply be loaded after PCL has
been loaded, others require recompilation of a single file, still others
require recompilation of large parts of the system or even user code.
This makes it impractical to do an automatic patch system.

If, at this point, you are asking for a place on arisia where all
patches that are mailed out get filed that might be possible to do.  I
fail to see how it could be more convenient, but since I am not at the
receiving end of these fixes I may not understand the situation.

If that is really what people want, let me know and I will see if
Yasuhiko and I can come up with an easy way to do it.