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Re: patch to 12/7/88

Since you keep the sources on arisia ~up to date relative to patches,
we can always get the "best" version by snarfing all the sources.
This is fine for people just starting to use PCL, or willing to start
over from scratch.

BBN and probably also others like Jim, have made patches to PCL in
addition to the ones that come over the mailing list.  So anytime we
try to use a new version of PCL, we must carefully diff the sources
and consider each change carefully.  Our approach has been to have a
pcl-patches.lisp file that has all the patches in it.  It is loaded
after all of PCL.  Patches that can be loaded after PCL are just there
in the file.  Patches that must be compiled inside PCL are preceeded
by #+patched-in-sources in the pcl-patches file and are placed in the
PCL sources too.  This way, we have all patches in one file which
makes moving to a new version of PCL much easier.

Having patches in one mail file or directory might be a place to
start.  That way you could compare the date of the patch to the date
you snarfed PCL.