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CLOS questions

   Sender: GRAY@Kelvin.csc.ti.com
   Date: Mon, 6 Mar 89  11:35:51 CST
   From: David N Gray <Gray@DSG.csc.ti.com>

   >    I'm a little confused by the way that SLOT-BOUNDP [p. 2-75],
   >    SLOT-EXISTS-P [p. 2-76], and SLOT-MAKUNBOUND [p. 2-77] are specified as
   >    generic functions with a primary method on class STANDARD-OBJECT which
   >    just invokes a SLOT-...-USING-CLASS generic function.  Do these really
   >    need to be generic at both levels?  According to the specification,
   >    SLOT-BOUNDP, for example, should be implemented as   ...
   >    Note that the latter parallels the way that SLOT-VALUE is specified.
   > I think we said that was a bug. They all should be functions like slot-value.

   Fine, but then shouldn't there be a cleanup proposal to correct this?  I
   don't think I've seen one.

I don't think that we need a cleanup item for this. I think an editorial
change suffices.