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Re: Undeliverable Mail

    Hi, i recently ftp'd pcl to a vax/vms, i had trouble building it,
    following are some symptoms etc:
    Re: PCL build on a vaxstation:
    I am rather new to CL, let alone CLOS, so i hope you will bear with me
    on this question re: PCL build:
    Procedure followed was:
            0) lisp is installed in sys$common:[vaxlisp],
               pcl is in sys$common:[vaxlisp.pcl]
    	1) i simply added the vax path in the null string ""
               provided in the example (defvar *pcl-directories* ...
    	 [without deleting any of the other examples]
    	2)rename *.lisp *.lsp
    	3) invoke lisp, (load 'defsys)(pcl::compile-pcl)
    	....it takes quite a while...and seemed to be going ok
            (only some recurrent warns about unset time-zone and reports
             of compilations with warns but, no errors)... 
             i became complacent about watching the build, because
             all of a sudden, i noticed that expand_dcode_cache failed
             to compile...
    portion of compilation console output:
    Finished compilation of file SYS$COMMON:[VAXLISP.PCL]DCODE.LSP;1             
    1 Errors, 1 Warnings                                                         
    Errors were detected in the following functions:                             
    The following are assumed to be functions, but were not                      
    declared or defined:                                                         
    Loading binary of DCODE...                                                   
    Compiling DCODE-PRE1...                                                      
    [i left pcl compiling, when i returned i found:]
    ; Finished garbage collection due to dynamic-0 space overflow.                  
    ; Starting garbage collection due to dynamic-1 space overflow.                  
    %LISP-F-IEGCVMFAIL, Internal error: new dynamic space too small during garbage c
    %TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows                                 
    module name     routine name                     line       rel PC    abs PC    
    GC              LISP$GETGCSPACE                  4053      0000003E  0040E46F   
    MAIN            LISP$MAIN                        1371      000000A3  004054A3   
    [Any suggestions?  }
    (i haven't been able to study the TeX docs yet, because
    the TeX on this machine is complaining about things that
    reuire it to be rebuilt with greater allocation of certain
    defsys.lsp says
     Once PCL has been compiled it can be loaded with (pcl::load-pcl).  
    and then talks about "worlds" (i didnt see this word in the steele
    index) do i have a "world" description file in sys$common:[vaxlisp.pcl]
    as a side effect of the build? 
    is there a test prog i can use after building the system?    
    thanks for pointers you can give
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