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Re: allowable specializers

    Date: Mon, 20 Mar 89 14:43:35 PST
    From: goldman@vaxa.isi.edu

    Re: Gregor's note on allowable specializers:
	The only permissible parameter specializers are classes and
        lists of the form (EQL <object>).

    I presume that "classes" here encompasses types defined by DEFSTRUCT
    (without the :type option)?

    The way I read "Integrating Types and Classes" in chapter 1, I
    would expect (portably) to be able to use the name of a defstruct
    type as a specializer in the same places where I could use the
    name of a class introduced with defclass.  Is that correct?  

Yes that is correct.  As you say, the reason it is correct is that CLOS
amends defstruct to actually define classes (of a special metaclass).
So that statement and my original statement are compatible.
				      Is there any way to use defstruct
    types as specializers in PCL (without defining a new kind of generic

Not yet.