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Re: slot list

  Date: Wed, 29 Mar 89 16:09:20 EDT
  From: Wilhelm Burger <K320440%aearn.bitnet@WILMA.BBN.COM>
  Subject:      slot list
  To: CommonLoops.pa@xerox.com
  Message-Id: <890329-075228-3325@Xerox>
  Why is the function pcl::class-slots not exported by PCL and not provided
  by the CLOS specifications at all? I don't see how someone could write
  generic class browsers, printers ... without it.
  Johannes Kepler University
  A-4045 Linz, Austria

CLASS-SLOT is a reader provided by STANDARD-CLASS, thus it is part of
the metaclass protocol (88-002).  It is not part of CLOS Chapters 1 &
2 that have been accepted by X3J13.  PCL attempts to export everything
in chapter 2 though.