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Re: bug in 12/7 pcl under ibcl and kcl

This is for users of PCL in KCL, AKCL or IBCL only.

    Date: Wed, 25 Jan 89 12:04:41 EST
    From: Diana Smetters <diana@cis.ohio-state.edu>

    If you load pcl as source, there are no problems. If you
    compile it, you get no errors in compiling pkg.lsp. However,
    if you load the compiled pcl, it breaks while loading pkg.o
    saying that *exports* is unbound.

Many people have complained about this problem.  I finally have a fix
for it.  In the file defs.lisp, replace the line:

   (export *exports* *the-pcl-package*)

With the lines:

   #-(or KCL IBCL)
   (export *exports* *the-pcl-package*)
   #+(or KCL IBCL)
   (mapc 'export (list *exports*) (list *the-pcl-package*))