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: PCL on KCL

 I can't seem to get PCL to work on the KCL we have here on VAX/
 ULTRIX. We have the June 3, 1987 release of KCL. In the file
 get-pcl.text (of the most recent PCL release) it says PCL should work
 with the June version of KCL. In the file notes.text, however, it says
 PCL works with a later release of KCL: Oct. 15, 1987.
 Is there more than one release of KCL? I was told that there wasn't.
 PCL actually compiled, but then would not load when I tried it in a
 new world. PCL would not even compile with AKCL. 
 Does anyone have a PCL up and running on KCL/AKCL and ULTRIX?
 I would be most interested in hearing about PCL's on AKCL.
 Thanks in advance,