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Re: problems compiling pcl in Mac Allegro Common Lisp

This message I received may be of help to you.

Subject: re: problems compiling pcl in Mac Allegro Common Lisp
To: Owners-CommonLoops.pa
From: BARRYN@s66.prime.com
Date: 26 Apr 89 09:55:45 EDT

First, get your Allegro Common Lisp updated to v1.2.2

Coral was bought out by Apple, so the customer service has probably
deteriorated.  Apple (nee Coral) is at 336 Windsor St., Cambridge, Ma.
My upgrade was free.

Second, check out your inits.  I found I could not start Lisp when Tempo
II (a "macro" processor) was installed.  The underlying problem had
something to do with the floating point chip.  Seems both programs do
something to the OS entries for floating point.  Anyway, try taking ALL
your inits out of the system folder and try again.

Third, try disabling the Gemini board.  Allegro CL crashed my SE with
Radius accell 25 until I upgraded it to include the floating point

PCL "Dec 7th is too painful to have a cute name" runs fine on my SE.