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CLOS/PCL query (defgeneric, find-method etc)


	Question on CLOS/PCL implementation:

	The one I have does not have any definitions for the CLOS fns:


	And the function (type-of <object>) returns a symbol IWMC-CLASS
	rather than the specific class name as documented in Keene.
	(Of course I can do a (CLASS-NAME (CLASS-OF <object>))     )

	Question: Without having DEFGENERIC how can one use a 
		  method combination type other than STANDARD?

	Thank you.


	P.S. I am using this implementation for instructional
	     purposes in a course CS315--Non-Imperative Programming
	     (Object oriented programming comprises 1/3rd of the

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Subject: joining mailing list

Please put me on your mailing list concerning CLOS news.
We are working with symbolics and are currently moving from flavors
to PCL and hopefully soon to CLOS. In Germany there are no relevant
information sources about CLOS/PCL. We would be happy to get at least
the file cloops.text

	Thank you