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I too am having problems with eql method specifiers.  I tried to define a
slot-unbound method such as 
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (instance foo) (slot (eql 'bar))) ...), but
the method wasn't called when the an unbound bar slot of the foo class was
referenced.  This *did* work in the 12/7/88 version of PCL.

Also, has the infinite loop bug that I and rich@linus.MITRE.ORG reported been
fixed?  The eql method specifier bug prevents me from running the program which
caused the infinite loop bug in the standard accessor methods, but looking at
the code in dcode.lisp it appears that this problem still exists--code in which
the infinite loop occurs has not been changed other than to change the lock
count code.

				Waldemar Horwat