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PCL distribution for MACs

PCL is listed in the most recent issue of APDAlog.  It is distributed on
Macintosh floppies.  This makes it possible for people who don't have
FTP access to arisia (but who do have a Macintosh) to get PCL.

For $40 you receive a version of PCL and a copy of the CLOS spec (X3J13
document number 88-002R).  The APDAlog catalog number is T0259LL/A and
you can order by calling:

  From the U.S.   (800)282-2732
  From Canada     (800)637-0029
  International   (408)562-3910
  FAX             (408)562-3971

NOTE:  Whenever there is a new release of PCL you want, you should
probably wait a couple of months before ordering it from APDAlog.  We
want to let new PCL's stabilize a bit before sending it to them, and it
will take them some time to integrate the new disks into their