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Re: Error found in using PCL in GCLISP V3.1

    Date: Tue, 2 May 89 13:54 CST
    From: FQM6470@vx.acss.umn.edu

    While loading PCL in GCLISP v3.1 by Gold Hill, an error was found.
    The file "Walk.lsp" does not contain he macro "Environmental-macro"
    and the two related functions for GCLISP.  Can anyone help us
    supplying these functions?

What version of PCL are you using?  You can find this out by looking at
the variable *pcl-system-date* which is defined in the file defsys.lisp.

The newest version of PCL on arisia, should work in Gold Hill.  The
problem is that it has a couple of other bugs which have been discussed
on this list already.

There should be a version with the bugs fixed and which works in Gold
shortly (next 2 days).  No later than the 5th of May!