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Re: A couple questions about up and coming PCL features

    Date: Wed, 03 May 89 11:18:24 PDT
    From: Darrell <shane%blackcomb@rand.org>

    Any idea when defgeneric, generic-flet, and generic-labels will be 
    implemented in PCL?  

DEFGENERIC will be soon, maybe in this Friday's release.

GENERIC-FLET and GENERIC-LABELS will never appear in PCL.  In fact, I
hope to take them out of CLOS completely.

    Is there a work-around that can allow me to temporarily define/mask 
    a method?

I don't understand this question.  It seems to me that you could mean
one of two things: 

1) Temporily define a generic function:  This is what generic-flet
   and generic-labels were for.  Its too bad they can't be implemented
   in a reasonable way in Common Lisp.

2) Temporarily override a method.  This is what WITH-ADDED-METHODS was
   for.  It isn't likely to be implemented in PCL anytime real soon.