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new version of PCL

There is a new version of PCL.  This version has a *pcl-system-date* of
"5/5/89 Cinco de Mayo PCL".  Arisia is down right now, but this version
will appear in the /pcl directly on arisia.xerox.com as soon as it comes
back up.

Cinco de Mayo PCL completely replaces Passover PCL.  Anyone using
Passover PCL should switch to Cinco de Mayo right away.  Other users
should consider moving to Cinco de Mayo shortly.

Cinco de Mayo PCL differs from Passover PCL in the following ways:

  - bugs associated with eql specializers have been fixed

  - UNDEFMETHOD has been fixed

  - problems with recursive calls to the compiler in KCL have
    been fixed

  - some other minor changes have been made and bugs have been fixed

As always, please read the notes.text file completely.

Thank you and stay in touch.