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Sun Common Lisp 2.1.3 pcl problem

There is a problem with "5/5/89  Cinco de Mayo PCL" retrieved
May 11 (so the new fixes are in place) when used with Lucid
version 2.1.3.

Sun still distributes Lucid 2.1.3 as well as Lucid 3.0.2.
This seems to be due to unavailability of things like SPE
or third-party stuff like KEE on 3.0 yet. For (I guess)
similar reasons, I still use both Sun Common Lisp 2.1.3 and

Pcl uses #+Lucid in a few places where #+Lcl3.0 should
really be used. In particular, the package Lucid-Common-Lisp
exists only in 3.0.
This problem existed in three places in 5/5 pcl, and only two
in the version retrieved today, so maybe the problem is known.

In any case, two fixes to defs.lisp and boot.lisp allow pcl to
compile, load, and run test.lisp under Sun Common Lisp 2.1.3
tested on a Sun-3/60 running SunOS 4.0.1.

% diff boot.lisp boot.lisp.orig
< 	 #+ (and :Lucid :Lcl3.0)
< 	 (lucid-common-lisp:*redefinition-action* nil)
< 	 #+ (and :Lucid (not :Lcl3.0))
< 	 (system:*redefinition-action* nil)
< 	)
> 	 #+Lucid
> 	 (lucid-common-lisp:*redefinition-action* nil))

%diff defs.lisp defs.lisp.orig
<   #+Lcl3.0 (let ((lucid-common-lisp::*redefinition-action* nil))
< 	    (setf (symbol-function symbol) new-definition))
<   #+(and :Lucid (not :Lcl3.0))
<   	  (let ((system::*redefinition-action* nil))
>   #+Lucid (let ((lucid-common-lisp::*redefinition-action* nil))

Until 2.1.3 goes away forever...

					Skip Egdorf