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Sun Common Lisp 2.1.3 pcl problem

Rather than adding many more #+/#- conditionalizations, perhaps the
best thing would be to resort to using the "lucid::" notation.  This
is how the files walk.lisp and fin.lisp - and to some degree defs.lisp
also -- have insulated themselves against the package differences between
Lucid's version 2 and version 3.  Ordinarily, I would strongly recommend 
against use of double-colon format in files, but in this particular case, 
each symbol so qualified is "stable" in it's particular release version.

At one point I suggested to Gregor that he could simply import into
the PCL package the dozen or so Lucid internal symbols he needs.  But
a dozen or so symbols multiplied by the dozen or so implementations
that PCL runs in might create more headaches than it cures.

-- JonL --