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Re: Help For building PCL under KCL on Convex Cpu

    From: golan (Dan Golan)
    Subject: problem with pcl under new kcl

    i received a copy of PCL from tim lee at columbia university.  i can
    build and run it fine on the convex under 3 June 1987 KCL.

    i recently acquired the 1 December 1988 version of KCL directly from
    program author Taiichi Yuasa.  When building PCL it fails during
    compilation of the file boot.lsp - (compile listing follows at the end
    of this note).

Looking at the dribble file you sent it looks to me like the new version
of KCL isn't interacting with the code walker properly.  Here is an idea
about a way to test this.

At the end of the file walk.lisp, there are a bunch of test cases for
the code walker.  Try putting that code in a separate file and then
loading it after loading walk.o.