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problems with PCL on Allegro 3.0.3/Tektronix

When I try (pcl::compile-pcl), the files PKG, WALK, ..., DEFS, and
BOOT (nine files in all) compile successfully, but the compiler blows
up in the file VECTOR.CL, function LOOKUP-PV-MISS, with the following
error message:

  Error: attempt to call '|PCL STANDARD-GENERIC-FUNCTION predicate|',
  which is an undefined function.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. An unrelated note: I have observed the same bug reported by
"Darrell <shane%blackcomb@rand.org>" under the heading
"Allegro hangs while compiling Cinco de Mayo PCL", 5/15.
For some reason, that bug seems to have disappeared.  This may have
something to do with compiling in the vanilla "cl" environment rather
than in the "ccl" loaded by the Franz/GNU Emacs command
fi:common-lisp, but I wouldn't swear to it.