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runtime calls to the compiler

    Date: Tue, 09 May 89 11:04:59 PDT
    From: David Alpern <Alpern@IBM.COM>

    PCL seems to do some compilation (i.e., invokes lisp's compiler)
    as programs begin to run (first create objects, perhaps?), even if the
    lisp program files have been compiled first.  Is there some way to cause
    whatever compilation is going on to occur during the lisp program file
    compilation and get captured in the compiled form?

This compilation has two different sources.  While there has been a
rough solution to this problem (precompile-random-code-segments) for
quite some time, more elegant and useful solutions are under development

In Cinco de Mayo and later versions of PCL, setting the variable
*compiler-present-p* to nil will prevent extra calls to the compiler.
On the other hand, this will degrade system performance unreasonably.

A major change under development right now is a mechanism which prevents
PCL from having to call the compiler to generate method lookup code.
Once this change is in place, I will install a facility which
precompiles so called method combinationes (effective-methods) which
will take care of the remaining spurious calls to the compiler.