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Re: compiling braid1.lisp under IBCL

  I have some difficulty to compile PCL (Victoria Day) under IBCL.
  Namely,in the file braid1.lsp, during the compilation of
  (defmethod shared-initialize :after ((class standard-class) ...

  The compiler seems to go into a loop. It goes on forever, without
  If I try to enter in a break loop, the debugger stops short of giving me
  whole value stack, a further interruption crashes the lisp process.

  Has anybody had a related problem?

I've tested compiling the current version(Victoria Day) of PCL under
IBCL(01/01, October 15, 1987) with turbo-closure patch on
Sun4/110(SunOS4.0).  I could not reproduce your problem.

Yasuhiko Kiuchi