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PCL Bug??

	We've been having a strange problem with Victoria day PCL on
occasion (under Genera, both 7.2 and 7.4):
	The direct symptom is that one of the cache entries in
pcl:*free-generic-function-caches* becomes an integer instead of a cache
(array) or nil.  This leads me to believe that either a cache is getting
freed incorrectly (i.e someone is setting the cache lock counter of a
cache on the freelist) or we've got Yet Another Multi-Process related bug.
	Other clues: doing some tracing and such makes it appear that
this happens about the same time that the last pre-allocated cache is
	I've looked at the caching/locking/freeing code and, well, I see
nothing obviously wrong with any of it... Help?

	-mike (mthome@bbn.com)