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I just took a look at defconstruct, as present in the "No cute name"
release.  I hope I'm not missing something simple, but one thing I'd
like to have is very simple make- routines that don't care a bit
about the initialization arguments, just to provide a little abstraction
above the *make-instance call.  In other words,

(defun make-foo (&rest plist)
  (apply #'pcl::*make-instance 'foo plist))

I would have though that would be what defconstruct would be great at,
but I can't figure out how to set it up so that the &rest arg (plist
above) is treated as a list of initialization arguments rather than
as just a single item.  To do this above, I needed to use apply --
but what can one do with defconstructor?

- Dave

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