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stuck in the middle

Now I am getting opinions from all sides.  Some people think commercial
announcements are OK, others think they aren't.  My initial reaction to
try and stop these messages was intended only to try and avoid these
sorts of flames, but it seems like it didn't work. :-(

Moreover, those vendors who have refrained from advertising their CLOS
work have, by doing so, made it appear that they are not developing a
CLOS.  That seems unfortunate and unfair.

But, the network isn't really supposed to be used for advertising, so it
is a difficult situation to resolve.  At this point, if any vendor is
doing a CLOS implementation and wants to send out a one or two paragraph
description of their work I am not going to complain.  Please make these
technically oriented descriptions so it won't become an unadultered
marketing frenzy.