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Sun Common Lisp CLOS

>is a difficult situation to resolve.  At this point, if any vendor is
>doing a CLOS implementation and wants to send out a one or two paragraph
>description of their work I am not going to complain.  Please make these
>technically oriented descriptions so it won't become an unadultered
marketing frenzy.

This sounds like a reasonable proposition. 

Anyway, now that Gregor has given his blessing, I can say that Sun and
Lucid are working on an implementation of CLOS. Currently, the implemenation
is in alpha test. It will be part of Sun Common Lisp 4.0. Our CLOS
implementation is an integration of PCL into the Sun Common Lisp base,
and we have tryed to document how people with PCL code can port to 
Sun Common Lisp 4.0. PCL compatibility should be fairly high.

Sun has been using this implementation internally on a window interface
(more about that elsewhere, potential for flamage here), and on some 
prototype environment work. We believe that it is quite solid and
should be a good product.

Perhaps JonL White or Peter Bensen from Lucid want to say more?