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Re: Bug in printing lexical closures (Genera)

    Date: Thu, 22 Jun 89 16:56:38 EDT
    From: rich@linus.MITRE.ORG

    In fin.lisp, PCL-PRINT-LEXICAL-CLOSURE is used to print lexical
    closures and funcallable instances.  However, this will cause
    SI:PRINT-LEXICAL-CLOSURE to be sent 4 args, when it only takes
    3 (it doesn't take depth).  

In 7.4 it takes all four arguments which is how it got to say that in
the PCL source.				
				I commented out the depth arg and
    both lexical closures and funcallable instances seem to print
    out just fine.

    However, the depth arg was there for some reason.  What is the
    "real" fix?

I don't know what the real fix is, but as you observe your fix works. At
least for now I am just putting in your fix.