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Problem compiling Victoria Day PCL

Hmmm, I quite frankly don't see how any of the PCL in recent times could
work in a Lucid Lisp of the vintage you have -- Sun 2.1.1.  My copy of
that release here doesn't even have the symbol 
in it.  However, I do notice patched-up definition of it in walk.lisp
as follows:

    (defun lucid::augment-lexenv-fvars-dummy (lexical vars)
      (lucid::augment-lexenv-fvars-aux lexical vars '() '() 'flet '()))

Perhaps that #+Prime should be extended to cover this case as well.  A
first cut would be  #+(or Prime (and mc68000 sun (not lcl3.0)))  
The problem solved by the reply from barford@hpllab.hp.com is, I think,
a different one.  Gregor: current release has one place in defs.lisp
and one in boot.lisp where the token


occurs [one place uses two colons].  Sad to say, if you don't import
this symbol into the PCL package, it will have to be qualified 
differently depending on whether it is the 2.1 or 3.0 release.  I
would approve of yet another resort to the kludge of doing it as


in these two instances.

-- JonL --