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Problems with VD PCL in Lucid 2.1.1

In a recent message, Jon L. White writes:

	 Hmmm, I quite frankly don't see how any of the PCL in recent
	 times couldwork in a Lucid Lisp of the vintage you have -- Sun
	 2.1.1.  My copy of that release here doesn't even have the
	 symbol LUCID::AUGMENT-LEXENV-FVARS-DUMMY in it.  However, I do
	 notice patched-up definition of it in walk.lisp as follows: 

Alas, I also have experienced many problems a some confusion in trying to 
compile the Victoria Day PCL under a 2.1.1 vintage of Lucid running
under a Mach on a Sun 3/60.  Is this really a lost cause or is there a 
complete and coherent set of patches somewhere that allows it to work
with reasonable confidence?  Thanks,
					Robert Coyne