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PCL performance testing

  I'm an MIT summer intern working at Xerox PARC on a formal analysis
of the behavior of PCL's caching mechanism.  PCL's basic caching
architecture is very similar to that of many OOLs, but it has never
been tuned, and multi-methods have never been looked at carefully.

  In order to carry out this research, I need to gather data from a
number of large, running PCL applications.  To gather this data, I
would like to ask people to volunteer to run some data collection
programs for me. 

   Running these programs would involve loading the data gathering
code on top of the application, running the PCL application, then
sending the results back to me.  This should not take too much time,
and the results would be of great value to me, and indirectly to you,
as newer versions of PCL incorporate improvements in caching.

  If you would like to volunteer to do this, please reply to me so
that I can send you the first run of data gathering code.