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DEFMETHOD with no required args?

> Date: Thu, 13 Jul 89 18:32:16 EDT
> From: john@linus.MITRE.ORG (John D. Burger)
> To:   CommonLoops.pa@Xerox.COM
> Subject: Re: Singleton, default DEFMETHOD now as fast as a DEFUN?
> ihlpf!lgm (Lawrence G Mayka) says:
> >The two hitches are (a) functions taking no arguments cannot be
> >DEFMETHODs, ...
> Is this specified in the CLOS standard?  From an empirical point of
> view, it's false, since I just did the following in Victoria Day PCL:
>   (defmethod say-hello-gracie () "Hello, Gracie")
> This sort of definition is admittedly very uninteresting,
> but it does appear to be supported.

My immediate reaction was "of course that isn't supposed to work", but I
can't find anywhere that 88-002R actually says that.  In particular, the
specialized lambda list syntax uses {...}* instead of {...}+ which
implies that there could be no required arguments.  Is this really
supposed to be permitted, or is it an oversight that it is not
explicitly prohibited?