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Re: Singleton, default DEFMETHOD now as fast as a DEFUN?

    Date: Mon, 17 Jul 89 11:55:58 CDT
    From: arpa!Kelvin.csc.ti.com!GRAY@att.att.com

    > 1) Did I find a rather special case, or is it generally true now that
    > a DEFUN can be replaced by the corresponding DEFMETHOD without
    > loss of speed?

    I can't say about PCL, but there is nothing in the CLOS spec that
    requires this, so you shouldn't expect this to be true in other CLOS

The spec doesn't say anything about performance at all, so it can't say
anything about the performance of this special case.

Given that the `semantics' of this case require less work than the
`semantics' of the more general cases, I believe users will expect
implementations to do better on this case than the more general ones.