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Question about inherited slots

I have written a small program that generates a reference manual from
a loaded PCL system.  It simply prints out the various class definitions,
slot info, documentation, etc.  However, I've run into a problem with
slots.  Calling CLASS-SLOTS returns a list of standard-slot-descriptors.
But for the inherited slots, I lose all of the information that I need.
The standard-slot-descriptors for the inherited slots do not retain
the reader/writer/accessor/initform/initarg information.  So, my
question is: how should I go about retreiving this information?  Is
it necessary for me to traverse the class super's list to look for
the class from which the slot was inherited?  I was not able to find
any simple way in which to tell from what class a slot was inherited.

Any help is appreciated.

dan haug
Internet: haug@austin.lockheed.com
uucp:     ut-emx!lad-shrike!aihaug