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Re: Help with eql specializers

> From kanderso@DINO.BBN.COM Tue Jul 25 08:39:32 1989
> To: Daniel A Haug <aihaug@austin.lockheed.com>
> Cc: commonloops.pa@xerox.com, haug@austin.lockheed.com
> Subject: Re: Help with eql specializers 
> I think i see what your problem is.
> When you define a method, PCL invalidates the generic function.  The
> next time you call that function, it gets rebuilt.  This makes the
> first call very slow.  Subsequent calls are at full speed.

But this is not what's happening.  I can make repeated calls to those
set of functions I posted, and the invalidation happens EVERY time.
But this is isolated ONLY to those functions.  It is not a general
problem with all of our code.

dan haug
Internet: haug@austin.lockheed.com
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