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[bane%mimsy.umd:EDU:Xerox: Funky VDPCL behavior?]

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From: John R. Bane <bane@mimsy.umd.edu>
Subject: Funky VDPCL behavior?
Original-Date: Tue, 25 Jul 89 23:26:31 -0400
Message-Id: <8907260326.AA28017@mimsy.umd.edu>

The Victoria Day PCL Ramana sent me is acting a little strange.  I can load
CAT into it fine, and it works, but sometime around when it builds the first
generic functions it smashes the PCL::DIRECT-SUBCLASSES slot in the root
CONTEXT class.  This makes my browser lose, and looks potentially dangerous
to boot.  The PCL files I have are dated 23 May, mostly, which matches
the file dates on arisia.

Anyone else heard of anything like this?  Got a fix for it?  I intend to track
it down, but want to avoid doing so if this is a known feature.

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