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problems with CLUE6.0 and PCL

I would like to know if anyone has been able to compile
PCL ( Victoria Day, or whatever the PCL that was on arisia
on Monday is called ) under IBCL and has also been able to
compile CLUE 6.0.
	I am having problems compiling CLUE 6.0 under these
	I keep on getting a recursive invocation of
PCL::PROPAGATE-CLASS-UPDATE when attempting to compile the
intrinsics.lsp file of CLUE 6.0. When the compiler reaches
(defcontact basic-contact ...) in the intrinsics.lsp file it
leads to a stack overflow and a core dump.
	I have also loaded CLX and the files preceding
intrinsics.lsp from CLUE 6.0 interpretively, but get the
same results.
	Any help or direction is appreciated.
Ramon Santiago		santiago@mvii.decnet.lockheed.com