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If defining a method for the gen func NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD, specialised
on STANDARD-GENERIC-FUNCTION is illegal, I assume that specialising
on the class T is illegal too then since T is specified in CLOS.  So,
when the specification says methods may be written for it, does that
imply that only methods specialised on a user defined metaclass for
gf objects may be written? I am referring to methods for no-applicable-method.
I presume too that the reason why a method for no-applicable-method
specialised on the class T never redefines the default method is due to
the fact that the system knows the specified methods and does not allow it.
Same goes for :around, :before and :after methods.  Any suggestions as
to how the behaviour when a gf with no applicable method is invoked, may
be customized in a portable fashion?