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live via satellite

It is a little embarassing to announce this to a large mailing list, but
since it will probably be useful to some of you, I am going to announce
it anyways.

Danny Bobrow and I will be doing an extended version of our IJCAI CLOS
tutorial `live via satellite' on October 12th.  This is part of AAAI's
association with NTU (National Televison Network).  The name of the
tutorial is "Programming and Metaprogramming in the Common Lisp Object
System".  It will last 6 hours, and will begin at 11am EST.

To find out more about how you can arrange to see the tutorial you can
call: (303)484-0565.

For people who are interested in a more extensive CLOS class, I noticed
at IJCAI that at least Lucid and TI are now advertising CLOS classes.
From what I saw, these classes look excellent, they vary from 3 to 5
days in length.  From what I hear, the other vendors will begin offering
CLOS classes soon, if they haven't already.