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Draft 88-003

 I am a MS student in Computer Science Department. I go to KAIST (Korea Advance
Institute of Science and Technology). I am implementing the CLOS at KCL. 
I don't have the "Common Lisp Object System Specification 3.
Meta Object Protocol," Draft X3JI3 Document 88-003 (and 87-003 too).
I have only 88-002 specification. 

 How do I get the 88-003? 
 Can you send it to me? 

Please inform to me. and If you need, bill me.
Thanks in advances. I am looking forward to your favor.

					Dong-hyeon Lee
Postal address :
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,
Department of Computer Science, KAIST,
P.O.Box 150, Cheongryang, Seoul,
130-650, Republic of Korea.

E-mail address :